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Shanti Niketan flat-owners to implement Water Harvesting Project with Yuva help

Yuva showing water harvesting techniques to flat-owners of Shanti Niketan Complex, Parsuidh.

Jamshedpur: Shanti Niketan flat-owners may get the distinction of being the first residential society to have implemented a water harvesting project in their flat-complex. The residents of the complex have sought Yuva’s help and expertise for implementing a water harvesting project. They are well on their way to gather finances and may soon be the proud residents of a residential complex that  boasts of an elaborate water harvesting system. Continue reading


Workshop on water conservation at Parsudih tomorrow

Jamshedpur : Water is soon going to be the biggest issue in the steel city of Jamshedpur. Water-worries are inundating the discussions as far as the people living on the outskirts  of Jamshedpur are concerned.

Water crisis looms large in Jamshedpur

There is a severe water crisis in Parsudih, Karandih, Haludbani and other rural areas on the outskirts of the city. To make the people aware about the importance of conserving water, a workshop on water-harvesting would be organized at Pramoth Nagar near Vivekanand Apartment. Continue reading