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Chetan Sabar Suffering from TB, may survive now

Chetan Sabar

Chetan Sabar

Chetan Sabar has been suffering from tuberculosis. And Chetan Sabar was about to die. YUVA volunteers admitted him in Sadar Hospital on 19 october.

However, in Sadar hospital, there is no facility for X-Rays. Finally, Chetan Sabar had to be shifted to MGM Hospital, Jamshedpur on October 21, 2013. Continue reading


Wife delivers stillborn baby and Purno Savar has T.B.

Jamshedpur: Since the day Yuva opened a school for Savar children in Tangrain, its volunteers are also trying to expedite development of Savar community.

Realizing that Savar community needs help on several other fronts too, Yuva members helped Sahia and the ANM of the area to persuade the pregnant Savar women to go to hospitals for delivering child.
Purno Savar’s wife too was pregnant.

With the help of Yuva members, Purno Savar’s wife wsa admitted in the MGM Hospital. But, unfortunately, she delivered a stillborn baby.
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