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Yuva imparts training in SRI method of paddy production in Chakri

Yuva imparted a training in SRI method of paddy production in Chakri, Potka. In all, 55 women farmers attended the training programme.

Jamshedpur: The social organization Youth Unity For Voluntary Action (YUVA) organized a training programme based on SRI (System of rice intensification) method of paddy production in Chakri, Potka.

The training programme was organized with the help of Global Green Fund (GGF) and Atma. In all 55 women farmers took active part in the training programme. Continue reading


Village home-makers turn into entrepreneurs

Jamshedpur: Good implementation of good projects can bring about substantial change in the quality of lives of rural population. This has been borne out by several examples in which Yuva has been able to bring about positive change at the ground level.

One apt example of significant change in the quality of life of rural people has been the project executed in Chakri village, Potka, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand. Direct beneficiaries are Hemanti Sardar of Chakdi village and Saarthi Murmu of Kopey village.

The lead partner of this project is Society of Rural industrialization (SRI) and the donor agency  is TERI. The role of field partner has been discharged by Yuva.
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