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Yuva organizes health camp at Dhengam in Potka for Sabars

Yuva free health camp for Sabars at Dhengam

Yuva free health camp for Sabars at Dhengam

The social organization Youth Unity for Voluntary Action ‘YUVA’ today organized a free health camp under the guidance of Dr. Prakash Haldar on the premises of Upgraded Middle School at Dhengam village in Narda Panchayat of Potka block. Continue reading


Goatery training for Sabar community in Dhengam

Goatery training by Yuva Jamshedpur. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Goatery training by Yuva Jamshedpur. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Yuva Jamshedpur organized a goatery training programme with the help of CWS and ASW for the benefit of Sabar community in Dhengam village in Potka block, East Singhbhum district. The training was imparted by Dr. R M Mishra of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Darisai. The programme was also addressed by the secretary of Yuva Jamshedpur, Barnali Chakraborty. Continue reading

Yuva takes Sabar children on a trip to zoo

DSC_7310Jamshedpur: The social organization Yuva, Jamshedpur took a batch of Sabar children to the zoo on a special trip. 32 children from Dengam, Otejharia and Karadkocha were a part of this trip.

Continue reading

Sabars take to kitchen gardening and eat vegetables too

Sabar farmer showing tomatoes grown in his kitchen garden. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Sabar farmer showing tomatoes grown in his kitchen garden. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Jamshedpur: Kitchen gardening has got a new meaning and a new bunch of adopters in Potka – the Sabars. The members of primitive Sabars are now growing vegetables at their kitchen garden at Dhengam and Krarkocha villages in Potka block of East Singhbhum district in Jharkhand and have already started showing some degree of expertise in gardening. Continue reading

YUVA to open a Tuition Center for Sabar children at Otejhari in Potka

Yuva Tuition Centre

Yuva Tuition Centre (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Jamshedpur: Persisting with its politcy to continue trying to make a difference in the lives of Sabar children, Yuva has now embarked upon a new task of running a tuition centre for Sabar children. It will soon start a new tution center for Sabar children at Otejhari, Potka from 1 April 2014. Continue reading

XLRI students join hands with Yuva to organize health camp

XLRI students at Yuva Health Camp

XLRI students at Yuva Health Camp

Jamshedpur: A group of XLRI, Jamshedpur students joined hands with Yuva, Jamshedpur to organize a general medical camp for the villagers living in Dhengam village in Potka block of East Singhbhum, Jharkhand. A large number of children as well as adults underwent health check-up and got free medicines in the camp. Continue reading

Four Sabar children to join Bharat Sevashram Sangh’s residential school

Four Savar children from Yuva’s school Kislay are all set to join Bharat Sevashram Hoste and school in Sundernagar.

Jamshedpur:Juhi Sabar, Jhurki Sabar, Puja Sabar and Banbasi Sabar are quite  excited. And there is a reason for that. All these four Sabar children will now join Bharat Sevashram Sangh’s residential school in Sundernagar, Jamshedpur and would study with other children.

These four Sabar children belong to the endangered Sabar tribe and are a student of Kislay, Tangrain, a school run by Yuva and ASHA For Education at Tangrain, Potka village. Another branch of Kislay runs at Dhengam village. Continue reading

Doris Rao visits ‘Kislay’, interacts with Savar Children

Doris Rao interacting with Savar children at Kislay

Jamshedpur: Doris Rao, Consutant, Development Focus visited Kislay, Savar Community School run by YUVA and Asha For Education.

She came here for the organization assessment under the project “Shiksa se parivartan’ supported by EDUKANS and Devlopment Focus. Continue reading

Five Savar children to study in KPT Residential School in Patamda

Jamshedpur: Five Savar children, who have been educated and mainstreamed at Kislay- a school for Savar children run by Yuva and Asha For Education, will now stay in a residential school at Dhusra, Patamda.

Five Sabar children, who are students of Kislay, a joint effort of Yuva, Jamshedpur and ASHA, will now study at a residential school run by Kerala Public Trust at Dhoosra, Patamda. All these children want to acquire higher education.

All these children have been admitted into Kerala Public Trust Residential School run at Dhusra, Patamda. The children who have been selected for education in the residential school include Ajay Sabar and Sukra Sabar from Dehngam village and Ganga Sabar, Susru Sabar and Soma Sabar from Tangrain village.

All these five children are very keen on joining the residential school and living and studying with other children there. Continue reading