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Ratani and Lakhan too have turned into Dhangars

Jamshedpur: Savar children do make cheap workers. The reason is – they make no fuss and can work very hard. And this is the reason why the villagers of the adjoining areas of Tangrain take the Savar children to their home to employ them in their farms and use them for their domestic work.

Ratani Savar - the girl child has now been employed at a school teacher's house as "Dhangar"

Yuva, with the help of Asha For Education, had opened a school – Kislay – for educating the Savar children. And while the Yuva volunteers are trying hard to encourage the Savar children of the area to attend the school regularly, the villagers of the adjoining villages are luring these children and their parents to turn them into “Dhangars(child workers)”. This is causing a lot of problems as far as smooth running of the school is concerned. Continue reading


Even mid-day meal has no attraction for Savar children

Jamshedpur: Believe it or not, even the much-acclaimed mid-day meal has no attraction for the children of Savar tribe and most of them do not go to school. Most of them choose to stay hungry instead of going over to … Continue reading

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