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Yuva saves four minor girls from child marriage

Bali Sabar

Bali Sabar(Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Jamshedpur: Yuva Jamshedpur, the social organization, has saved four minor Sabar girls from the curse of child marriage in the month of March.

A few days back two minor Sabar girls of Dhengam village in Potka block suddenly vanished from the village. It may be mentioned that the social organization Yuva has been running a learning centre for Sabar children with the help of CWS and ASW in Dhengam village.  Continue reading


Sabars take to kitchen gardening and eat vegetables too

Sabar farmer showing tomatoes grown in his kitchen garden. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Sabar farmer showing tomatoes grown in his kitchen garden. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Jamshedpur: Kitchen gardening has got a new meaning and a new bunch of adopters in Potka – the Sabars. The members of primitive Sabars are now growing vegetables at their kitchen garden at Dhengam and Krarkocha villages in Potka block of East Singhbhum district in Jharkhand and have already started showing some degree of expertise in gardening. Continue reading

Chetan Sabar Suffering from TB, may survive now

Chetan Sabar

Chetan Sabar

Chetan Sabar has been suffering from tuberculosis. And Chetan Sabar was about to die. YUVA volunteers admitted him in Sadar Hospital on 19 october.

However, in Sadar hospital, there is no facility for X-Rays. Finally, Chetan Sabar had to be shifted to MGM Hospital, Jamshedpur on October 21, 2013. Continue reading

Sabar children losing eyesight due to insufficient nutrition

Niranjan Sabar- the boy who almost lost his eyesight due to malnutrition

Niranjan Sabar- the boy who almost lost eyesight due to malnutrition

Jamshedpur: It may be difficult for you to accept. But it is true. Several Sabar children, in Tangrain village, Potka are losing their eyesight due to malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency. The doctors confirm it in private. But not in public.

Malnutrition is a bad word. The society does not want to hear it. So it would rather brush the whole thing under carpet. Or just ignore it. And let everything be as it is. Continue reading

Ramu Sabar’s hard work turns into ashes

Ramu Sabar lost his paddy lot in fire

Ramu Sabar’s lot of paddy turned into ashes

Jamshedpur: Misfortune? Accident? Or some clever trick by someone? No one knows. But, the sudden turn of events have left Ramu Sabar, a resident of Tangrain village into a deep lurch. He has lost all that was supposed to support his and his family’s life.

Ramu Sabar of Tangrain village worked hard as a farmer. He had taken Akshay Munda’s land on rent for paddy farming. Akshay Munda too is a resident of the same village. Ram Sabar’s hard work bore fruits. He reaped around 50 mounds of paddy crop. He was happy. So were his family members. Continue reading

Four Sabar children to join Bharat Sevashram Sangh’s residential school

Four Savar children from Yuva’s school Kislay are all set to join Bharat Sevashram Hoste and school in Sundernagar.

Jamshedpur:Juhi Sabar, Jhurki Sabar, Puja Sabar and Banbasi Sabar are quite  excited. And there is a reason for that. All these four Sabar children will now join Bharat Sevashram Sangh’s residential school in Sundernagar, Jamshedpur and would study with other children.

These four Sabar children belong to the endangered Sabar tribe and are a student of Kislay, Tangrain, a school run by Yuva and ASHA For Education at Tangrain, Potka village. Another branch of Kislay runs at Dhengam village. Continue reading