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Ardhendu Chatterjee inspects Yuva-supported home gardens, shares valuable tips on home gardening

Ardhendu Chatterjee explains home gardening techniques with Yuva, Jamshedpur members and farmers

Ardhendu Chatterjee explains home gardening techniques with Yuva, Jamshedpur members and farmers

Jamshedpur: Ardhendu Chatterjee, a well-known social worker of Kolkata visted Podahatu village of Potka. During his visit he inspected the home garden developed by the women farmers with the active help and guidance of Yuva, Jamshedpur and GGF. Mr. Chatterjee also gave useful technical inputs to Yuva Jamshedpur members and volunteers for improving the home gardening techniques. He pointed out some of the faults in the methods used by Yuva members. He also threw light on the basic concept of home gardening. Continue reading


A simple telephone brings empowerment to poor villagers in Podahatu

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Jamshedpur: A mere Coin Box Telephone has brought a sea-change in the quality of life for the poor villagers of Porahatu village in Potka Block of East Singhbhum district. They are more empowered now, compared to their status a few … Continue reading

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Sensitization meet a grand success at Potka, Jamshedpur

As scheduled, a sensitization meeting on SRI method for paddy cultivation was held on July 18, 2010 in Podahatu village of Potka, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand by YUVA, Jamshedpur.

More than 40 farmers from 14 villages of Potka block attended this very important meet. It was the responsibility of the master trainer Mr. Bharat Singh Sardar to brief the farmers about the SRI technique and he did this very efficiently.

Mr. Sardar told the villagers that this technique requires less amount of water, while gives more than double yield of paddy crop.

Yuva co-ordinator Mr. Arup Kumar Mandal and Ms. Chanmani Sanwaiyan also briefed the farmers about the techniques of cultivating rice and using the latest inventions in agricultural science.

A list  of those farmers has also been prepared who are willing to use SRI method on their land for cultivating paddy.  All these farmers would be sent to Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Agricultural Science Centre) for further training. sri method.these farmers will be sent krishi vigyan kendra for further training.

The interest and fervour shown by the farmers ensured that this meeting was highly successful.