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Yuva Jamshedpur organizes mason and layout training in Chakdi village, Potka, East Singhbhum

Layout Training for masons in Chakdi, Potka (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Layout Training for masons in Chakdi, Potka (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Jamshedpur: Yuva, Jamshedpur organized a training programme for masons in Chakdi village in Potka block of East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand. This program was organized for masons under the SCA to TSP project being run with the help of JTDS. Continue reading


Seed Bank brings hope to poor peasants of Chakri village

Jamshedpur: The Seed Bank set up in Chakdi village in Potka block in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand has come as a boon for the poor farmers. The Seed Bank has brought a new hope to the needy farmers and shows the potential of transforming their lives.

A seed bank in Chakri village formed by Yuva and JTDS has improved the quality of life of poor peasants.

The Seed Bank has been set up under Jharkhand Tribal Development Programme and the social organization YUVA has played a pro-active role in motivating the villagers to set up this Seed Bank.

This Seed Bank was formed in Chakri village on December 10, 2008 by the Programme Implementation Committee of that village. Clear-cut rules were laid out for operating the Seed Bank successfully and efficiently.

It was stipulated that the person who deposits seed in the Seed Bank would get 1.5 times of the quantity he keeps in the Seed Bank. And those who take Seed on loan, would have to pay back twice the quantity they take from it.

And it was decided to keep the seeds safely and maintain them after proper packing using the donation from the villagers.

And for ensuring complete transparency in the transactions, a register for recording intake-outgo and a stock register for keeping record of the stock is also maintained properly.

The Seed Bank is operated by the Programme Implementation Committee (PEC) of the Seed Bank.

Presently, the PEP is being run efficiently by its president Vir Chand Sardar. Subodhini Sardar is its secretary, while Savitri Sardar is the treasurer.
The Seed Bank has seeds of several crops, including paddy, tomato, brinjal, lady’s finger, Arhar, ground-nut, gram, coriander, Lauki and mustard.
More than 50 farmers have benefited directly from the Seed Bank.

The Seed Bank has gone a long way in resolving several problems for the farmers. Now, they do not have to run from pillar to the post in search of good seed. In times of need they can easily get the required amount of seed from the Seed Bank and later return it in double quantity when they get sufficient produce.

A News clip of seed bank story covered by Dainik Jagran, Jamshedpur is inserted here. It can also be read on Dainik Jagran website. For reading the  online story click here.

Dainik Jagran story on Seed Bank in Chakri village formed at the initiative of Yuva, Jamshedpur.

Magsaysay Award winner Deep Joshi visits Yuva project area

The Magsaysay Award winner and eminent social worker Mr. Deep Joshi and a review mission team visited Yuva Project Area.

Along with him, a team of officials visited two of  the Yuva project villages for monitoring development activities being carried out under the Jharkhand Tribal Development Programme.

Mr. Deep Joshi co-founder of PRADAN and winner of 2009 Magsaysay Award for community leadership was also a member of the monitoring team. Mr. Suraj Patnaik, Mrs. Anita Pal and Mr. Prakash Oran Director J.T.D.S. too accompanied him.

The team visited Porahatu and  Chakri villages. In both villages the locals welcomed the team with great enthusiasm and respect.

At Porahatu, the village animator Sripati Sardar addressed the Gram Sabha,  while other villagers participating in the programme explained to the team the situation of the village before and after launch of J.T.D.P.

The villagers also gave information about the ongoing projects and the training they received as a part of this programme. The local self-help group leaders spoke about their savings and investment.

The monitoring team asked the villagers several questions to assess their understanding of the work that has been done. Finally, the team went and monitored three finished structures in the village and a smoke less chulla as well.

The second visit was at Chakri village, where the local animator Mr. Bharath Sardar addressed the Gram Sabha while the villagers participated in the programme with keen interest. They also explained why the project was such a success in their village.

The monitoring team also asked the villagers questions about budget allocations and funds received and spent by the village.  The team shared information and ideas on collective planning for the village so that the benefit of development activities could reach every house.

The meeting was concluded with a small play staged in the local language and Mr. Prakash Oran promising the village folk better employment opportunities and development in the coming years.