Women peasants learn methods of sustainable farming in Radur village

Training for sustainable farming in Radur village

Training for sustainable farming in Radur village

Jamshedpur: Yuva Jamshedpur, in collaboration with Global Green Grant, organized a training programme on sustainable farming for women farmers in Radur village of Potka block in East Singhbhum.

The training programme was organized with the help from Global Green Grant. Those who took part in the training programme included members of Sugum Horen Mahila Samity, Rilamala Mahila Samity, Aagam Maskal Mahila Samity and Jaira Umbul Mahila Samity.

Trainers Abhishek Sardar and Arup Kumar Mandal apprised the women farmers with the elements of sustainable farming. They also called upon women farmers to ensure that they use minimum water for agricultural purposes and said that it is possible to get more returns while using minimum water.

Yuva has been organizing special training programmes for farmers in the interior regions of Potka block for quite some time and has also encouraged Sabars to take up kitchen gardening as livelihood option.


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