37 students of government schools taken on educational trip

Jamshedpur: 37 children of four government schools in Potka block were taken on a educational trip to Adarsh Vidyalaya Manpur. This exposure visit of school children was organized by Youth Unity For Voluntary Action (Yuva), Jamshedpur under “Shiksha Se Parivartan” Scheme.

Children of four government schools of Potka planting trees at Manpur Middle School. The children were on a visit to Manpur Middle School as a part of educational trip organized by Yuva.

The children included in the educational trip belonged to Nachosai Middle School, Chakri Middle School, Tangrain Middle School and Hariyan Middle School.

The programme was organized with the help of  Educans, Development Focus and SPAR.

The purpose of the visit was to apprise the children with the functioning of Bal Sansad in Manpur Madhya Vidyalaya, so that they too could form such a Bal Sansad.

The children of Manpur Middle School welcomed the visiting children.

The teacher of Manpur Middle School, Niren Kumar Bhakat, told the children about the activities of Bal Sansad. The children also exchanged their views.

The visiting children gifted the Bal Sansad of Manpur Middle School seven plants, which were planted by all the children on the school premises.

Those who organized the exposure visit of the children included project co-ordinator of Yuva, Chandmani Sawaiyan, Abhishek Sardar and teacher Sushil Sardar.

The in-charge of Manpur Madhya Vidyalaya, Ravindra Bhakat and the teachers Narendra Nath Gope, Ram Jivan Singh and others described the exposure visit as very useful.


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