97 on Yslow!

We were only 48 on Yslow. And after 16 days of hectic efforts we are 97 now. Not 100 yet! But, even 97 is a big achievement for us. That is what Raju tells  us. As if we care?

It was all Raju Chhetri’s idea! That our website too should score big. And as usual, he took the hard course. All of us were witness to how he kept talking about Yslow and how a big score on Yslow means a big thing for any website. But, website has never been our priority, pointed out our Lakhi. And he is so plain in his talking. Website is only an aberration in what we do, he says.

Well, despite all this,  it was hard to convince Raju. He is such a devoted guy with his own ideas. And he keeps  telling us how he went about SEOing bit by bit. He tell us that our website is at par with many good websites. We trust his words.

We have no other option but to believe him. We only feel this is a change that will take some time to dawn on us. Our members do have access to computers. But, ideas that a computer should bring in are yet to seep in. Raju says it will make a big difference in what we do. Lakhi says computers are something the vast majority of Indians do not have access to. And most of us believe both of them are, as always, right!


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