Goatery training for Sabar community in Dhengam

Goatery training by Yuva Jamshedpur. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Goatery training by Yuva Jamshedpur. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Yuva Jamshedpur organized a goatery training programme with the help of CWS and ASW for the benefit of Sabar community in Dhengam village in Potka block, East Singhbhum district. The training was imparted by Dr. R M Mishra of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Darisai. The programme was also addressed by the secretary of Yuva Jamshedpur, Barnali Chakraborty. Continue reading

Jharkhand minister Champai Soren inaugurates six Birsa Udyamita Bhavans at Potka

Jharkhand Minister Mr. Champai Soren inaugurating Udyamita Bhawans in Potka constructed by JTDS.

Jharkhand Minister Mr. Champai Soren inaugurating Udyamita Bhawans in Potka constructed by JTDS.

Jamshedpur: The Honorable Adivasi welfare, transport and industry minister of Jharkhand, Mr. Champai soren, inaugurated six newly constructed Birsa Udyamita Bhawans and platforms in six villages of Potka.

These Udyamita Bhawan or entrepreneurship centres have been constructed on behalf of JTDS of the welfare department of the Government of Jharkhand with the active help of Youth Unity For Voluntary Action, Jamshedpur. Continue reading

Yuva takes Sabar children on a trip to zoo

DSC_7310Jamshedpur: The social organization Yuva, Jamshedpur took a batch of Sabar children to the zoo on a special trip. 32 children from Dengam, Otejharia and Karadkocha were a part of this trip.

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8 students of TISS complete rural practimum in YUVA


TISS students doing their rural practicum with Yuva. (pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Jamshedpur: Eight students came on 31 march and after completing their rural practicum with Yuva, departed on March 15. Staying at chakdi village of potka they participated in the activities carried by YUVA. They played with and taught sabar children at Dhengam and Krarkocha. They also actively participated in organizing Mahila Haat. Every year TISS sends children for rural practimum. Continue reading

Yuva Jamshedpur organizes ‘Mahila Haat’ in Chkari village

Optimized-Picture 034Jamshedpur: Yuva Jamshedpur, the leading social organization of Jamshedpur, organized a ‘Mahila Haat’ in Chakri village in Potka block of East Singhbhum district. Women members of different self-help groups exhibited and sold their agricultural products in this Mahila Haat. Continue reading

Workshop on issues relating to ‘violence against women’ organized

workshop on issues of violence against women 1

Seminar on issues relating to violence against women in progress.

Jamshedpur: A workshop on ‘Issues of violence against women’ was organized by Jharkhand Resource Centre of CWS with its implementing partner Awakening the Youth Unity For Voluntary Action (YUVA) and Sramajivi Mahila Samity (SMS) on 29th of March 2014 in Natures Education Centre, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur. Continue reading

Women peasants learn methods of sustainable farming in Radur village

Training for sustainable farming in Radur village

Training for sustainable farming in Radur village

Jamshedpur: Yuva Jamshedpur, in collaboration with Global Green Grant, organized a training programme on sustainable farming for women farmers in Radur village of Potka block in East Singhbhum.

The training programme was organized with the help from Global Green Grant. Those who took part in the training programme included members of Sugum Horen Mahila Samity, Rilamala Mahila Samity, Aagam Maskal Mahila Samity and Jaira Umbul Mahila Samity.

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Sabars take to kitchen gardening and eat vegetables too

Sabar farmer showing tomatoes grown in his kitchen garden. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Sabar farmer showing tomatoes grown in his kitchen garden. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Jamshedpur: Kitchen gardening has got a new meaning and a new bunch of adopters in Potka – the Sabars. The members of primitive Sabars are now growing vegetables at their kitchen garden at Dhengam and Krarkocha villages in Potka block of East Singhbhum district in Jharkhand and have already started showing some degree of expertise in gardening. Continue reading

YUVA to open a Tuition Center for Sabar children at Otejhari in Potka

Yuva Tuition Centre

Yuva Tuition Centre (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Jamshedpur: Persisting with its politcy to continue trying to make a difference in the lives of Sabar children, Yuva has now embarked upon a new task of running a tuition centre for Sabar children. It will soon start a new tution center for Sabar children at Otejhari, Potka from 1 April 2014. Continue reading